Studio Features

Studio Features

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Video Management Studio Features

Use to manage all aspects of your online broadcasting. can be used as an additional access point, and as backup protection. provides you with your own autonomous broadcasting platform that never puts you mercy of a service's policies or censorship regarding Biblical Truths. 

Leverage the social networks, don't rely solely upon them. includes a website (or supplemental landing-page) for your ministry. There are no additional web hosting fees involved. You can even use your own domain name.

Live Stream through your Website

Embed your Live Stream directly into your website! No ads, no 3rd party links, and no distractions. Give your audience an option, don't force them to the Social Networks. Own and control your online presence.

Live Stream through your Social Networks

Don't rely on the Social networks, but leverage them to expand your outreach and introduce more people to your ministry and to the Gospel. With a single-click you can be broadcasting to all your destinations!

Record your Live Stream or Upload your Media

A recording of your Live Stream is saved to your account. You can trim the recording before it's archived. For example, you may stream the full service but only archive the message portion. You can also upload previously recorded media to your archive.

Simulate Live Streams from Pre-recorded Content

Pre-record your media file and have play back the file as if it were a live stream. Your online audience will watch the stream together and can "chat" during the scheduled broadcast.

Full 1080HD Streaming, Recording & Transcoding

Send us a high-quality live stream and we will automatically transcode it into multiple lower bitrate streams. On demand content is also made available at multiple bitrates. This helps ensure a quality viewing
experience, even for those with slower internet connections.

Embed your Players Anywhere.

Embed your live and on-demand media players anywhere you would like. There is no limit to the number or players you can create and embed. Whether it is for a single service, or for a playlist of content on a
specific topic, simply copy and paste the embed code wherever you would like the player(s) to appear. 

Podcast Feeds & Direct Links

Syndicate your on demand content through podcast directories such as; Apple Podcast, Google Podcast, and Spotify.  Whenever new content is added to your archive, it will be added to your podcast feeds. People can subscribe to your feeds to automatically receive your latest media.

Mobile Apps & Internet TV

Make your live and on demand content available through apps for Android,Apple, and Amazon Fire. We can also help you broadcast through Internet Tv services like; Roku, Apple Tv, Google Tv, and Amazon Fire Tv.

Protect your Content and your Online Audience

It is important to protect your online content as well as your audience. provides you with your own autonomous broadcasting platform that is completely under your control.  You will not be shut down for inadvertently violating the terms of service at YouTube or Facebook. We share your mission and values!

Reshare Archived Content provides you with complete control over your archived content. With the click of a button you and your audience can share your media with others through your social networks and direct links (MP4, MP3, and M3U8 URLs).

Sermon Studio Reseller

Become reseller of the Sermon Studio broadcasting platform, branded to your company or Fellowship / Denomination's look, powered by

Fellowship TV

Build your own pre-programed station using media you produce, collect/procure, and/or with media (family-friendly content) provided by

Amazing Support is known for its outstanding support... It's fast, friendly, and free! The HELP tool in your account has FAQs with video tutorials. If you need assistance, reach out to us through the integrated tool. We will be sure you are always looking your best. Go Team!

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